TIPS : Cool stuff to do at LWUG meetings!


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colkai said:
Knowing Bog and Dogboy Kev, my guess, who ever is left standing at the end of the night. :p ;)

Starbase1 is a safer bet as he doesn't drink himself in to a stupor like me and Bog.

Yeah, Nick is LLWDG head honcho. Yup *hic*


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I am?!?!

Well, I'll admit to often being the first to suggest a date, and setting up the LWUK list, but not a lot more!

If anyone wants a specific tip, then start by finding what dates the people who have a track record of showing up can make, then invite everyone else.

And chose a big pub.

:D :D :D


Grumpy Faux-Waver
DogBoy said:
Yeah, Nick is LLWDG head honcho. Yup *hic*

Sorry that was High Priest and Grand Poobah.
I agree getting a core group together makes for follow ups much easier.
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wow... This is an ancient thread so I was impressed when someone posted something to it. :thumbsup:

Nick - haven't seen you in a while. If anyone wants to organise another meetup, I can rustle up a flyer

EDIT: Also - Nick, if you want me to add you as an admin for the facebook group, just ask!

That's kinda amusing - Nick's posting was in 2007. Its now 2012... :D

But I gotta say - How times have changed since these threads were posted regarding LWUG's, "making a website", getting the word out, etc... Now we have online social Networking, CMS-based websites, blogs, twitters, smart phones, streaming media, etc, etc. So much online communication compared to 15+ years ago...

Man, it makes me feel so old just thinking about it. :D

Oh yeh, Web and FB pages for the NZ LWUG are in my signature below... ;)
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