[TIP]Check Audio properties for all your clips


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I needed To enable "Mono" for all my clips after editting, there was a lot of clips on the timeline, and you can't use "Tool Shed" to do that.

- Open "selected clip properties"
- Select your first clip in the STORYBOARD view
- Select "Audio" tab in the "selected clip properties" window
- Open "audio" tree
- Check "mono"
- press down arrow to go to next clip without moving your mouse cursor
- clic - down arrow - clic - downarrow - ....... faster and faster...
- you'r done.

(doing it in the timeline view will reset your Audio tree in the "selected clip properties" window.)

(you can use this tip with all the check boxes in the audio tree)

( Feature request : tool shed compatible with the audio control Tree)


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What do you mean you can't do it with Toolshed? Sure you can.

Toolshed fully supports audio control tree operations.

I even just tried it to be sure, yup, I can set clips to mono with Toolshed.


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I managed to make it work by changing an other data in the audio tree.

For exemple "Master Volume" AND "mono"

But still nothing when only checking "mono" without changing anything else in the audio tree.

Can you reproduce that ?


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If you found a way to avoid resetting that friggin control panel every time you select a new clip that's GREAT!
I'll look into this on the video side as well. Maybe I'll finally play in the storyboard mode more now. :thumbsup:


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Darn, OK, you're right... When I tried it before my last post it was on a clip that already had other parameters changed, which is why it worked... Just trying mono or mute with NO other changes on the audio clip does not record anything that toolshed will copy. :(

BUT, the good news is, I believe this is ONLY true for those buttons.

I don't recommend using the MONO button anyway. There were problems with it way back in VT[3], and that's probably the last time I used it.

You are MUCH better off using the pan controls, and those will toolshed just fine. That's how I mono my clips.


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So, after that clarification, the replacement tip is :

If you want to apply a modification that involves ONLY checking boxes in the audio tree (mute, reverse left right, reverse front back, phase, and "maybe" mono because scorpioprod doesn't recommend it), turn the master audio knob by a value of 0.01 THEN you can use toolshed. ;)
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