Time Streching/Warping/etc


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I am in some what of a bind - I have my rendered sequence of jpgs, and about to bring them into DF/Premiere/AE (whatever really) but can't seem to find a way of changing the speed of the sequence with a nice gradient. The closest I got to a propper speed change is in DF with the Time Speed 1 node... but it won't allow me to key frame the speed variable over time. Its driving me a bit nuts - you tend to see it everywhere on TV, it should be quite simple... but how?!
Can someone please help me out?

I tried searching for this topic, and found none... I know it is some what of a noob question, hope its not much of a bother. thanks in advance!


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AE possibly

AE should be able to do it (time remapping) found a tute on the web once involved putting 2 pairs of keys either end of sequence to be ramped then moving them in pairs (can't remember think I searched for 'flowmo'), DFX+ would probably want it's module 2 buying (has timestretcher in). Don't think it's all that from my testing but there's also the 'twixtor' plugin for AE & DFX+ that may do it for you.



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Thanks, yes I have figured out AE's Time Remapping tool, which does it, but its a hassle to use. I wished it would be easier/other programs had it built in - can't imaging it to be so hard to impliment. A nice graph would be perfect. But thanks, I will have a look twixtor.
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