Time stamp on ISO record

I have a project were I need to ISO record 4 cam and all camera and audio recordings must be synchronized and time stamped.
Is there anyway we can overlay the time code on each individual recorded camera.
Thanks for helping out

AE3 build:7-3-200818


NewTek SE
Is the time stamp just time of day? Does it need to be down to the frame or just is per second accurate enough?

There is are DataLink fields for access to time of day (hours, minutes, seconds). You should be able to overlay these using M/Es and then record each M/E, this will use all of the M/Es and recording channels on the system, so I don't know if you need program output for this event or just need these recordings.

Another option would to be add the time stamp in post. The recorded files will have timecode, some NLE application can create a timecode overlay using this information.
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