Time Machine Mish Mash

Had to take a break from FiberFX and Weasels for awhile, but I like the idea of using Daz's version of Strand-Based for the Morloc. I was just starting to seriously learn using AM's LAMH full editor when Daz updated DS and that somewhat broke AM's tool. Hmmm. Gee. Soon afterwards, they introduced their own tool. What a Koh Winky Dink. I think there's a similar story with HeadShop and Face Transfer.

Anyway, with the scaling "anomalies" of the Time Machine, I like your novel approach. And why not mix in another movie?

Looking closer, it looks as if that is a different chair than the one I got. But while looking for a worthy chair replacement, I happened across a couple of items I'd forgotten I had (similarly named so thought they were the same item), and this totally impractical item I've had for awhile (someone actually made this). Nice looking piece of machinery but didn't know how to rig it, then it clicked when exported as obj instead of FBX out of DAZ. As FBX, it uses bones & weight maps. As OBJ, it's simply pivot points & parenting.

Also, this is one of AM's first critters using the LAMH system.

Chimp on MonoWheeler.jpg
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