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Hi guys,

There's something I used on different editing systems that I haven't found on the VT[5]. A place to enter the time-code start for the timeline. Having this would be very useful especially to have the same TC as it would be on the final master. That way, the timeline could have the bars, blacks and tones without having to guess ins & outs when the tape is in drop frames. Another thing that this feature would correct is the burn-in display as it would be possible to have the programs to start at 10:00:00:00, the same time-code as it should be delivered on tape.



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I strongly agree, but unfortunately, it aint' gonna happen. Do a search for "timecode support" on these boards, if you want. The horse is dead and the flies are gone.
Set a global marker at time you want and start edit there. The beauty of SpeedEdit is you are not limited to the way it looks.
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