Third Party Network Render managers?


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I've used the built in Lightwave Screamer net before.. however i was curious how these other third party developed managers compare? I've used lightnet and i found it much easier, however it crashes every so often... and i cant really tell if its under development anymore. Thus what about some other free solutions? Or should I just return to using ScreamerNet in lightwave? (has it improved in 8?)


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I have used Spider from StationX since it's free, and I find it quite convenient. The StationX website seems to be down, but you can still download Spider from SXSpider Yahoo group. It's a Windows NT, 2K, XPpro only network rendering manager. Installation may be troublesome, but it's very dependable. As far as I know, It works ok with LW8, though I ran into weird performance issues with the new lwsn. Still investigating.

[edit] this is not a 8 issue after all. Same with 7.5 : Hypervoxels+ XPpro + Hyperthreading + Screamernet = unpredictable rendering time (test with the shuttle scene of LW8). My P4 GHZ (XPpro, HT )is slower, on some frames, than a P4 2.4 GHZ (win2k)... strange...
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Mmm.... should I answer to that ? Well even if I'm one of the developer... you may try Amleto. There is a free 14 days trial and then it end up in a free version (limited to 3 nodes with a few functionality disabled). So if you want come and take a look:

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