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It seems useful to provide a little guidance on the use and suitable content of this forum. The following is a quotation from the Forum Moderation Policy:

As a courtesy we allow third party vendors with NewTek related training and other products to post announcements here. If you have any problematical issues as a consumer or would-be consumer of those products, follow up directly with the vendor on their support venue or by private channels. Treat third party announcement posts as respected guests here.
NewTek very much appreciates the growing number of third party developers supporting its products, as do consumers of those products. Often they enhance or complement NewTek product functionality in significant ways, adding specialized tools and features that fill valuable niches. Formal third party developer support is provided through our Developer Program, but whether products or services mentioned here are developed through that program or otherwise, the policy quoted above imposes certain reasonable constraints on the nature of discussions in this forum.

This is not the place for adjudication of any controversy, support issues, etc., that might arise between developers, their customers, etc. Such matters can be addressed privately through appropriate channels between those directly involved. Developers with questions related to their products or development program policies and requirements likewise have internal channels of communication.

The number of those providing ancillary products is growing by leaps and bounds, and we take this opportunity to thanks all of those involved for their support!
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