The Switcher

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The central band of TriCaster’s Live Desktop (the region between the upper monitoring section and the tabbed modules below) is taken up by the Main Transition controls, Local Layer Controls, and associated configuration features. Otherwise referred to as the Switcher.



The Program and Preview Rows

From top to bottom, the three Switcher rows are labeled FX, Program and Preview. Clicking a button in the Program or Preview row selects the active video source for that video layer.
  • The Program row selection determines the dominant video stream of the Background (BKGD) video layer – the bottom layer of the composition on Program output.
  • Normally, the Preview row selection determines what is queued up for display in the Background layer by the next (BKGD) Take or Transition operation.
The FX Row

The FX row selection supplies an auxiliary video channel which can serve in a variety of ways. For example, it can supply the background scene for a Virtual Input, or be assigned to an Overlay or DSK channel (for more information see the User Guide starting with Chapter 3.3)
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