the saga continues


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hehe... nice anim man

cool splashes !! Is this a part of a larger anim ???
In that case I cant wait to see the rest

By the way what are the two other dynos looking at ;) ...

.: Dete :.


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thx for those nice words. well i am planning a series on dinos. i am just working out the elemtary anim sequences. the both dinos in the background are staring at the animator to say: hey guy, make us also move :rolleyes:

there is another anim, but i guess u already have seen it.

btw: its so easy to critisze, but doing it better is so much more difficult :D


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well the basic animation is not that difficult. but the fine tuning is the most tricky part. ppl see immidiatly if it looks like a real motion or if its just a bad rig. there are some things to make it better, but i am a lazy animator and i did animat that whole thing by just programming one bone to move and the others follow by follower or expressions.

study the nature and u can animate... :)


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When your dinosaur first opens up its wings and they move over the water, I think that you should add some mist/spray there like you do later in the animation.

About animating the water I was thinking that mabe you could make it look like it was moving by creating a specular/reflection map and moving that in the direction that the water is flowing. That way it would catch different reflections from your light and hopefully give the impressions that it is moving.

Let us know what you come up with.


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well actually i was thinking about to construct the whole environment...that carries long rendertimes tho...and i tried to just focus on the anim itself and not too much on the vironmetn, coz i soon will add a real movie underneath the cg. well thx alot for paticipating here...

i ll keep ya guys informed ;)
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