THE Lightwave 3D Users Group Online 8/24/13: Kat Myers & Ryan Roye


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Next Meeting: Saturday, August 24, 2013

Meetings are now live on online. To join this free class, register at:

Adobe Connect is usually open by 11:45am so you can join us and link together early.

Meetings are held from 12 Noon to 3pm PST. The meetings are hosted by our President, Stephen Burns

This meeting we have two great speakers Kelly "Kat" Myers and Ryan Roye.

1. "What's New in Lightwave 11.6" by Kelly "Kat" Myers

If you're curious about what's new in Lightwave 11. 6, then you need connect with this informative presentation by Kelly "Kat" Myers.

2. "How to Mix Automation Controls and Constraints with Manual Keying" by Ryan Roye

In this tutorial, Ryan will discuss how one can take advantage of automation controls (IE: Motion Modifiers) without losing control of objects that use them and without introducing added complexity to a rig or object. Here are some examples of what this tutorial will cover:

- Applying things like "point at target" or "same as item" constraints for only a range of frames easily.

- Introduction to Matt Gorner's "Assign Tools" pack for Layout and how it can turn minutes of work into seconds. Download this tool right now; it is that awesome.

- Saving, re-using and modifying relativity expressions across many items to enhance character animation without complicating it.

- How to use "prefab" setups to save time and work.

About Our Presenters;

Kelly "Kat" Myers

Kelly is an award-winning CG Supervisor and VFX artist with 20 years of experience in film, TV, and games. His credits include Iron Sky, Cargo, Battlestar Galatica, Stargate:SG1, Atlantis, Whitechicks, The Final Cut, Fireball, Jerusalem Countdown, Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon and two steroscopic projects: Space 3D for 3Net and Impromptu for the National Film Board of Canada.

Ryan Roye

Ryan is the lead producer of Tanadrine Studios and is currently developing Delura: a 3d fantasy sci-fi series. Though he has delved into every conceivable area of digital media and directed many other projects, animation has always been his favorite pastime. Originally from a 2d animation background, Ryan has found the Lightwave 3d animation tools the right fit for his goals as an independent producer.

We will be looking for you at the meeting!


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Too bad I will miss the presentation. Adobe connect also doesn't have a way to be downloaded afaik.
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