The first NDI Multimedia Studio in Vietnam (intergrated with artificial intelligence technology)


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Lao Dong Newspaper is a pioneer in Vietnam in establishing production and distribution network of NDI, directly integrated into the multimedia studio. With the NDI production network, newspapers can easily synchronize video signals between the central studio located in the newsroom and the studio located in resident offices with low transmission bandwidth costs. All the NDI device in this network is came from Newtek.
From this production network, reporters can easily produce high-quality videoconference programs; easily connect signals, record, remotely record with interview guests at any location in the world through a few simple steps on smartphones to serve video news and daily podcasts.

Lao Dong Newspaper's NDI Multimedia Studio

The NDI production network is a platform for intergrating the automation control tools to shorten the process and reduce the cost of staff to operate the studio; integrate virtualization tools, simulate data into visual images, augmented reality visual effects; integrates cross-platform live video publishing tools and information formats, interactive data formats for composite multimedia products (visual story, interactive graphic...).
The NDI production is also an important condition to intergrate the remote operations management tools. The studio control room is located at the newsroom, so it is not only a control room for camera signals and video transceivers like other studios, but also functions as a “command center” for multimedia producing and publishing. This is one of the fundamental differences between a multimedia studio and a traditional television studio in Vietnam, which is suitable for the operating model of an integrated multimedia newsroom, not just a convergenge newsroom model.
Catching up with new technology trends, the establishment of a multimedia publishing - production network based on an IP connection platform is an important condition for integrating paid content package distribution solutions; solutions to analyze demographic data and reader behavior, for information publishing models combined with e-commerce, and simulate live or virtual events 3D augmented reality to serve the new media economy models.

On July 8, 2021, for the first time in Vietnam, Lao Dong Newspaper officially launched a television newscast using a virtual news anchor automatically produced by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The virtual news anchor was generated by computer with 100% simulation of mouth, facial expressions, body language and programming style of real people based on machine learning and deep learning algorithms. For each news anchor, the system (DLO-AI) will use thousands of different samples of mouth, facial expressions, facial/body gestures to analyze and match the content, intonation, and nuances of each newscast. This is a product self-researched and developed by Lao Dong Newspaper based on the news operating system and the NDI multimedia production network of the Lao Dong Multimedia Media Center.

Lao Dong Newspaper is one of the pioneers in Vietnam to apply science and technology to carry out digital transformation in journalism and publishing activities. With an automatic newscast production model and process based on artificial intelligence technology, the newspaper can make a series of daily periodic TV news and hot news at any time to provide information to readers.
In the coming time, in addition to perfecting the product of virtual presenter and automatic TV newscast, Lao Dong Newspaper will continue to research and apply artificial intelligence technology to other stages in the management process like manage, produce and publish news to strongly promote the digital transformation process under the model of an integrated multimedia newsroom.

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