The Dark Reef, Glycon3D, LightWave3D, Unity, Blender, and the future

Ever since I watched the first episode of Roughnecks, I've wanted to make my own show, start to finish. It's the reason I took a job at NewTek instead of the same job at Autodesk, and I'm just beside myself at how well this is all coming together.

This is the first test of my complete pipeline, and I can't wait to make more! What an amazing time to be a digital story teller.



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Chilton, I know you have said in the past, and also replied to a guy on YT, that Glycon does full body tracking which presumably means walking or running a little distance, but the videos I've seen are all upper limbs. Is there any chance that we could please see a little leg sequence of any kind ? Not asking for an Olympic performance here, just anything....

You also recently had an interesting lipsync vid for Glycon. Is that still looking possible for Glycon (and therefore Lightwave) ? :)
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Will do!

Yeah that lip sync video is just a tech demo at the moment, but I plan on fleshing that out into a standalone app. I need to look at my options again for integration into LightWave soon.
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