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Hi Folks,

After encountering some of the problems in a few of the other threads, I finally purchased Rendition today for use with Lightwave 9.5 and Photoshop CS4. and got it installed & registered.

I first tried following the tutorials but I'm hitting a snag right away. I tried an object under my LW Content folder as well and have the same issue: The object opens in PS and indicates the Texture sub-layers, but they're always blank.

From the Quick Start guide:
-If you have a LightWave 3D object with a UV map applied on one of the surface attributes, when imported to Adobe Photoshop, the image layer applied to that UV Map will show as a sub-layer in the 3D Layer for that object. That image can be edited and will auto-update the 3D Layer.

-If you have LightWave objects supplied to you, make sure all images and objects are stored in the same directory and that the Content Directory is set to the same path.
The last sentence makes it sound as if you need to NOT use the standard /Objects /Images /Scenes structure of the standard LW Content folders. Can that be correct?

In any case, how do I resolve this problem?




Curmudgeon in Training
Talking to myself here, but performed a test and YES, you must have the image files in the same folder as the Object file. So much for full integration with the Standard Lightwave Content folder structure.

I'm gonna hope that a forth coming update of Rendition will correct that or provide some sort of option.

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