Text does not justify properly in .cg pages when wireframe is turned on

Brian Windle

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In SpeedEdit 2.0 since the beginning I have been unable to properly left/right/center/top/bottom/middle my titles in the .cg pages. They jump seemingly randomly to the right no matter which of those buttons I click on.

I tried turning wireframe off and now justify works! Switch wireframe back on and justify no longer works. Kind of annoying when typing dark/black text but at least I know that I can just turn wireframe off when I need to align the text.

Apologies if this is duplicated elsewhere, but thought I'd share in case it helps someone else having the same issue.

Submitted a bug report as well.


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Thanks Brian, I've been wondering whether CG Post (the titling aspect of SE) had finally become stable or not.

Now I know.



It might be my imagination but I believe I have experienced behaviour similar to your problems, while using the CG Titler. It seems to appear more often when I copy a text block or layout and then try to modify it.
CG seems quite stable while working with new titles from scratch.

It's a good idea to render the title section as soon as it is finalized and then use the render on the timeline. This will alleviate frustrations when you try to resize the project. CG doesn't resize very reliably.

Mutley Eugenius

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While we're on the subject of CG, I use it all the time - primarily for high quality subtitling of Spanish spoken interviews. I love it because I can drag the beginnings and ends of subtitle images to their exact points while the clip is playing!! This makes it really fast. I can also apply a User Spline to all the subs once I'm done to fade in the beginnings and ends of the subs by 2 frames each, so that they do a quick fadeover as opposed to a hard cut, which is much more pleasing to read.

Problem is - I translate the interviews using Voice Recognition software. I have tried speaking directly into CG textboxes in SpeedEdit. It can be done but the individual characters appear about one every second. It is unfeasibly slow for this kind of thing. It's a shame, because I have to speak it into Notepad then copy & paste each line which adds a lot of time for long interviews.

Is it possible to speed up the character acceptance of CG?

Mutley Eugenius
I do not suffer from insanity. I enjoy it immensely.

Brian Windle

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while I can't speak to using voice recognition software with the titler, I can say that with the 2.5 update, text still does not justify properly with wireframe turned on.

submiting another bug report... :/

Mutley Eugenius

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You know, it you want to do dark black text without using wireframe, turn the 'show all layers' function on. This will make the title background become the actual video on the timeline, so you can see the title against the background no matter what contrast it is.

It slows things down a touch though, but hey - what software is perfect?

Brian Windle

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...but hey - what software is perfect?

I hear ya, this one just seems like it should have been an easy fix for the last update, but who knows. Perhaps there are very few who care about this bug/feature :)

Show all layers seems to really bog down sometimes and I like to keep the "Speed" in SpeedEdit, hehe.


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I have a fix

There is/always has been a bug in speed edit's text placement/centering.

To stop it from happening always use the char gen window maximized. Don't let the char gen window share space with the timeline or file bin.

When the char gen window is maximized the placement bugs go away and you see it as it ought to be.

Mutley Eugenius

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My god, that's brilliant!

Well done. I hope the techies readthis as it will give them a hint on what to look for when debugging - it's scaling issues!


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Ok. I'm baffled. I've been using Speed Edit for a few years now, and I wasn't aware there was a character Generator! I know VT5 has one, but how do I access it from SE2?
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