Terragen Notes, tips and remarks


Terragen tip...

Keep nodes open at all times, always accessable instead of jumping in and out between atmosphere editor, sun etc.
Check "stay open" for each section of interest that you tweak a lot...

Terragen_Node workflow _stay open.jpg


Uhmm..not happy with how terragen works for me now, perhaps I need to update the demo, probably.
It´s rendering way off results with cloud scattering from the nice previews with rtp, and when I try to apply planet textures on secondary planets, they refuse to show up, and I followed tutes, pretty much as they did it, but it refuses to render the planet textures.

Will have to take it to planetside forums.


Well got it working from time to time, just as long as I don´t mess around with the location of secondary planet or radius, seems it screws up texture coordinates perhaps, and it won´t fix despite copying over texture coordinates from the location to the textures coordinates.
also, generally crashing too often and unstable, with very slow respons on value sliders.

Workflow and UI and respons of sliders, not able to set comma values only dot, no markers for which axis, no rotational controls, stability and accurate render output match from rtp to final render, all this is major let downs in Terragen this time I´ve been testing it.
Jumping in and assigning shaders are messy.

Really have to think not twice but many times about investing in it.

here´s the basics for secondary planets...


It seems there is no shortcut to match final renders with the nicer look you actually get from rtp preview.
It´s not solved yet..

So if you do a lot of tweaks and think the colors and shading looks ok in rtp, you need to crop render or final render to get how it really looks in the end, and if not nice and matching start to retweak again, this is a Huge major issue..

So a lot of bad feelings about Terragen right now, I think I should go to sleep and feel again..tomorrow :)

rtp and final difference1.jpg

rtp and final difference2.jpg


Wow. That's a big difference between on-screen and render. Weird.

No way around it than correcting some things with voxel shadows, and tone mapping, but Terragen needs to have a default setting or preset to match more of what the rtp previewer produces, I mean..it´s a lot of tweaking only in rtp to get the lighting inside clouds right with curve smoothness and curve adjustment scattering, if we are to tweak final renders each time, it´s not gonna be a joyful production, you have to know very much what the final render settings does, and disregard the previewers gi scattering inside of clouds.

So this is one of the major issues right now for me, apart from quite many crashes.
Apart from that though, when and if I get the final render to match decently the preview, it can be just glorius.
But it´s all this and the fact that I just can´t stand the UI ..workflow and the responsivness of it all, I think they gonna need to release a major release
improvement before I jump in on it.
But I also need to put these issues in to the light and what I want to see as improvements, over at planetside.
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