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I am in the unfortunate position of having teach myself the Tricaster mini. I see several moving clips with the NewTek or Tricaster logo, but no way to change them. I watched every training video and searchYouTube. I clicked on every button I could see.
What am I missing? I know how to use them but can’t change them!
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Apologies that I didn't see this sooner, nor did anyone else reply! This sub-forum gets almost zero traffic so that is probably why, easily overlooked.

Based on the question, not sure which animations you are referring to, or what kind of changes you want to make. Any video that plays in the DDR cannot be altered, everything is "baked into that pie" already. As for transitions or frame buffer anims, pretty much the same story. You can create your own transitions/anims by creating the content in Premiere, After Effects, or other video editing apps. Export as "Image Sequence" meaning a series of still frames rather than a video clip. The ".png with alpha" option works well for me. Import results into Animation Store Creator (in TriCaster Add-Ons folder) and create custom transitions or anim buffer content.

If I misunderstood the intent of the question, please clarify and will try to assist


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