Teams in Talkshow as with Quicklink TX


Thomas TV2
With Skype being replaced by Teams, it is interessting to know if Newtek is going to make Teams availble in Talkshow, as we see it with Quicklink.
Any plans?



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Would be great if they did add it. But with TC2 having Skype build in I don't see them doing it. By read TalkShow forum there appears to be a lack of interest in the system anymore.


Thomas TV2
So what can you do with the old Talkshow units?
We have four, and we will never replace them with a Tricaster.
Then it will be four PC/Mac with Teams/Zoom.


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Skype, though facing a growing number of challengers, is far from dead; nor is there any sign yet that it is really being replaced by Teams, which is still primarily an enterprise level product. As best I'm aware, M$ is supporting calls between Teams and Skype, but that's basically it (and probably what others are talking about when they mention Teams support?)


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Talkshow (and Skype TX on TriCasters) can connect to Teams via Skype TX. It does have to be enabled by the Teams admins to allow for this connection (which is disabled by default).


Skype is not going anywhere. Skype For Business is being sunsetted by MS as of the end of July. MS has confirmed support for regular Skype indefinitely.
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