TCXD Restoring system drive to Factory Defaults

Outlined below is the process for restoring a TriCaster XD unit to it’s factory defaults.

1) After backing up your personal files; start up TriCaster and launch the software. If this is a new unit, read the license agreement when prompted. If you accept the

Agreement, click “I Accept” to continue.


2) When presented with the option, click on Utilities in the navigation ring.


3) In the next menu, click on “Restore to Factory Defaults.

4) Next, click on “Restore My TriCaster.” System will shut down and reboot.


5) Under Launch TriCaster, use arrow keys to select “Restore Factory Defaults.” Press Enter.

restore or launch.png

6) From the menu that follows, select “Restore System Partition to Factory Defaults.” Press Enter.

fac def.png

7) Before restoration begins, type “Yes” (without the quotation marks but with a capital “Y”), then press Enter. NOTE: This process may take up to 35 minutes.

yes to continue.png

8) After restoration is complete, press and hold power button until the unit powers down, or press RESET (for 2RU) and let the system restart normally.

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