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I would like to have a bug on screen when a certain input is in program. I created a macro "main_dsk2_value, value=1" and applied it in the State Change-PGM Row-Active section for that Input. This works as expected when the input goes to program using a Take. It does not work when using Auto. Is there something I'm missing here? Or, is there a better method for me to achieve this?

edit: It seems like it's only input 1 where this isn't working. The same macro applied on input 2 works with Auto-trans.
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I'll need to try, but I would expect that it should work, although it might now appear until after the transition is complete.

You might also try setting it follow the tally status of the input, but I would also expect it to be similar in that it will not be 'on program' until the auto transition completes.


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I just confirmed on a separate TC2 that the macro (and other macros) are not applied to PGM State Change on Input 1 when using auto-trans, but are applied when using a cut. I'll submit a bug report.
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