TC1 Control Surface with TC1 Pro



We have a TC1SP surface with our new TC1 Pro.

Things that work:
- Transition area
- Transport area
- ME delegate
- Stream/record
- DSK area

What doesn't work:
- Source selection, across any of the 6 rows.

If we touch the "ALT" button once, all the "1" keys light up, but they are not responsive and the lights do not follow the switcher.

Driver? Mapping? Nothing shows up in the control surface tool at all.


Two steps to resolve.

1) update to latest build, which revealed previously missing control surface options in the mapping tool - as if their drivers were previously missing.

2) edit to a custom button layout, save, then revert to original layout. It's as if there was no mapping file; in fact, keypresses were throwing errors in the debug window. Once we "jiggled" the button assignments, everything began working.
Another daft question ref the TC1SP being used with the TC1. On the control surface there are only ME1 and ME2 buttons? Do we configure another two input channels that we are not using to get ME3 and ME4?


NewTek SE
M/E3 & M/E4 would be available by holding down ALT and pressing M/E1 or M/E2 buttons on the CS. Or you can edit the button order on using the NewTek Control Surface Add-On to move the v3 & v4 button up into the first bank for the CS450 (TC1SP).
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