TC1 and Watch Folders for DDR


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I'm trying to set up my TC1 so that videos from another server are dropped into a folder on my Tricaster and automatically pushed into DDR1 so the operator doesn't have to navigate away during a live broadcast.

If anyone has some insight please let me know


Martin Brundin

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I agree, I would also like to have this feature. A watch folder for clips.

If not, I would like for this macro to work. A macro that would let all clips in a folder be added to the ddr:

Fritz suggestion is good . You could even use Kane's tool with some folder watching tool, to have the bat file to run as soon as you get new content in the folder(s) , example :

Good Luck !



Wow, I love that script!

Going to use that for a process that needs to kick off Filezilla to FTP a file to a remote site when it's created on my editing system.

Thanks so much!

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