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Unless i am missing something, program mix recording on a 4K session is SHQ0 only (8 bits 4:2:0)
That would be great to have the ability to record in SHQ2 (8 or even 10 bits 4:2:2) for further post-production like color grading.

I imagine this is a limitation to save some ressources for M/E, keying or live effects (?) because every other source (input, PVW, PGM) can be recorded in SHQ2 in HD sessions and also every input and even the preview can be recorded in SHQ2 in a 4K session but the program mix which is limited to SHQ0 in 4K.

If this is really a matter of hardware ressource (which i would find strange as you can record 4 mix 1080p in SHQ2) please at least make an option available for a record in SHQ2 for the program mix pre-fx. Sometimes there is no use of M/E or keying and just need a clean live output you can post-fx / color grade.

This is an important feature in my opinion.

Thanks a lot.
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