TC 1 Build Update needed for NDI 5?


I remember when we first began installing NDI 4 on our computers that we used for our TC 1 and soon after began experienced glitching video and dropped audio with scan converter. Later we found out that we should update our TC 1 to the latest build. This seemed to be the resolution.

We have now been on the same build now with our TC 1 for quite some time with no bugs or any issues whatsoever. My concern is needing to update our TC 1 (7-3-200515) to the latest build just so we wont have any issues with NDI 5. It is hard to come by a solid build that doesn't have many bugs. Will NDI 5 require a specific Tricaster build to be compatible?

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NDI tries to be backwards compatible as possible. There could be new NDI 5 features that a NDI 4 or earlier system will not understand, but I think that will the exception not the rule in most cases.


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I've been running NDI 5 tools with an older TC Mini version without issue. One area where an update would be a benefit would be if you intend to use NDI Bridge. This adds another layer to the NDI source menu hierarchy. The older version shows these 'Bridge sources' ok, but the list show in the source will get pretty long pretty fast.
Hi Newtek
I would like to congratulate you on your innovation and Ndi it’s brilliant.

i’m looking forward to the release of NDI 5.
I was wondering if there would be a possibility of personalising / customising the Ndi bridge app ? That would be massive leap forward for company owners.

imagine being able to add a company name to your ndi bridge app for customers to download. For example : (bbzstudios/ndi/app.) £..or free 😉

I think it would be great for businesses but I also think it will be great for Newtek / Visrt as a company and help raise your profile even further. Great work! Newtek & Team.

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