TC-1 Audio to internal Talkshow Channels are distorting on receiving end


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I am having the Issue of all audio coming from my TC-1 to its built-in Talkshow channels is sounding distorted on the receivers end. The levels are not clipping and are clean in my records from both within the TC-1 and my external recorder. But I am getting complaints from the clients on the other end of skype that we sound distorted.

Is there a place I can adjust the audio levels for the sends to the Talkshow channels or the NDI sends? Is it the same as the master or is there an independent adjustment?


I'm seeing the same issue. My understanding is that the TC1 Skype return audio is coming from the MASTER. I'm finding that the Skype 1&2 audio mixer levels are around -20dB when the Master is getting close to 0dB. The recording and stream encoder recorder levels aren't consistent either with the Master. I'm used to using the TC1 to supplement my 460 and VS4000 with the extra TC1 Skype's and am surprised that they aren't matching what I'm used to with my 460 and VS4000. It appears that the TC1's internal Skype returns are hot compared to what is showing up on the audio mixer levels. I'll generate a fogbugz for this. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this phenomenon. btw: I saw the same issue on both the previous and current releases.
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