targa sequence aspect ratio


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I notice that rendering outputs targa sequences in 720 x 486 dimensions. Is it possible to change that to 720 x 480 instead? I do most of my editing in Premeire in 720 x 480 and it would be nice to import the source in the right ratio. I don't see any way of making that adjustment in the render dialog.


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Under the Resolution presets you can choose from (that list NTSC, PAL, HD, etc.) there are height and width parameters, simply type in 480 in the height field from 486.

Don Ballance

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In the camera panel

click on camera at the bottom of the interface\click on item properties next to camera

here you can use the resolution presets or manually type in a resolution.

We chose NTSC D1 which is 486

you can just type in 480 where it says 486
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