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Whoops... I posted this on the wrong board originally....

Ok, this is a weird request.

A long time ago, our company used to digitize video using a Pinnacle Targa 2000 card on a Macintosh. Our newer Macs won't play back the Targa files (and newer versions of Quicktime don't support this codec). We still have our old Targa board (and old Macs), but exporting the video to mp4 or any other format on those systems will take FOR.EV.ER.

We have a bunch of old footage that we would like to keep. Ideally, it would be awesome if there is a way for SpeedEdit 2 to be able to read these quicktime files with the Cinewave Targa 2000 codec.

Can anyone here suggest a solution that would either:

1. Allow Speed Edit 2 to play these old files.
2. Allow Quicktime to play these files on the Speed Edit 2 PC.
3. Any other means of converting the old files into something Speed Edit 2 can play.

Your help in this regard would be very appreciated.


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As far as I'm aware the Cinewave codec was only available on Macintosh, I'm not even sure if there was a software only version (it might require the hardware). It's old, might only run on PowerPC based mac systems.

This will make it difficult, even if you have the Mac that can run it, PowerPC system have limited options with today current codecs. It might be easier (and faster) to play out all of the clips back to back as video on the Cinewave system and capture it on another system.


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Thanks. I've considered that option. It would be a lot faster than trying to export to a different format (especially on a PowerPC). I may have to do that, although recapturing the output will also be time consuming. I was hoping to avoid that, but I think you're probably correct about no PC compatibility.
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