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Ok, this is a weird request.

A long time ago, our company used to digitize video using a Pinnacle Targa 2000 card on a Macintosh. Our newer Macs won't play back the Targa files (and newer versions of Quicktime don't support this codec). We still have our old Targa board (and old Macs), but exporting the video to mp4 or any other format on those systems will take FOR.EV.ER.

We have a bunch of old footage that we would like to keep. Ideally, it would be awesome if there is a way for SpeedEdit 2 to be able to read these quicktime files with the Cinewave Targa 2000 codec.

Can anyone here suggest a solution that would either:

1. Allow Speed Edit 2 to play these old files.
2. Allow Quicktime to play these files on the Speed Edit 2 PC.
3. Any other means of converting the old files into something Speed Edit 2 can play.

Your help in this regard would be very appreciated.

Mutley Eugenius

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Are these files directories full of sequentially numbered targa files? Because if they are, you can drag a whole sequence of stills into SE2 by holding down the alt key while you drag in the first one, and the sequence will be treated as a movie, and then you just render it.


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No, these targa's are QT files created with proprietary hardware (most likely one of Pinnacle's CineWave products), so they'll need to be read by that same hardware that created them unless there's a tool (read "hack") to re-encode them. Since they were created using Apple-centric technology, I wish all the luck in the world getting a result.

You'll need it.

(You might have stood a chance if you'd used a PC.)


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Thanks guys. These are not TGA image files. They are Quicktime files using the Targa 2000 codec. I don't have a means of playing them in Speed Edit, and I'm looking for any software that might either convert them, or allow me to play them in Speed Edit.
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