Tally option?


Hi Friends!

The Tally option is available? i was triying to get it works, ( tally between newtek equitpment through Network i connect my TCXD 8000 and talkshow send and received by Net) but it' doesn't work

also when i'm in a skype call and other person try to call me, it is not supposed that talkshow have the option for hold the incomming call??



NewTek SE
The network tally is coming in a future TriCaster build, I just found this out recently myself.

Skype TX can't hold a call. It can tell you that someone is calling, but it won't hold or drop the current call that is in progress.


Thanks for reply
Question. If I connect Tally with cable it will be available?
If so, which is the correct connection between Tricaster 410 and talkshow?

tally talshow.png

what pins i need to connect?
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