Tally on I/O modules


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How can I get the tally information from I/O module to camera ?
I've 4 led usable on VMC1 , but no connectors for it on I/O

any ideas ?.



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Yes, I know, question is, how can I get signal from i/o modules since there is not db 15 connector.
As I need to use 12 cams at same time


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Our (metaSETZ) TLC-8D controller will work with any NewTek 15 pin tally port. With the I/O module you'll get 4 program tallys. You can also use a TLC4S or 8S which are software driven via USB. You may need to do a by-hand install as our new installer isn't done yet (the install directory has changed).

The 8S controller will also be able to be connected to the IP series machine, again we'll have to do a manual installation. The tally outputs are assignable to any bank one input. Combining the two controllers would get you your 12 tally outputs.


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The NC1 'IN' modules have the DB15 port tally just like the TriCaster or IP Series unit has.

But the NC1 'I/O' modules use different video hardware and don't feature this port. The tally information will have to come from the main TriCaster or IP Series unit.
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