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Since I have received a few emails over the past few months, I wanted to post where I am with my tally light solution...

At this point I have stopped development on the solution due lack of interested buyers. If I were to see 50 seperate people post here saying they would pay $300 for a professional solution then I will start up again. But in order for me to reach that price point I need to secure 50 buyers (the parts start getting cheaper at that point). Granted if I get more than 50 the price would just come down.

So if there is any interest POST now


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I sure would like to see a fellow 3rd party developer be able to successfully sell a product. I for one stopped development on a Tally solution also for lack of interest and one other thing. Out of courtesy I bowed out of the limited market so Brett could make something of it. There are only so many VT live switching systems out there. Then there are only so many that could actually have cameras that could use a tally setup.

Dealers: If you have a client that is not using a Tally system and could, then use this to upsell them or after the fact add it on.

Users: If no one supports the 3rd party developers then the VT world will never develop into a larger world itself.

Both as a user and a dealer I would like to see more and more people not buying into all the marketing hype. I would like to see more people nod and say, " VT3, yeah I heard of that, wish I had one."

Keep the faith Brett. Let me know if I can help you.


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Thanks Jef...

As I'm sure you know all too well it just does not make sense to build an item like this unless you can sell around 50 units.

I'll see you at NAB


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I'm certainly interested. Being not real familiar with what it takes to implement the tally lights, my only question is whether Newtek will improve on the interface in VT4? Perhaps it's as good as possible for a universal system, but just a thought.



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The tally output on the SX-8 is really set in the hardware so it is unlikely that Newtek would be able to change it, short of everyone buying a new SX-8 which would need a power supply.


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Ok well this is shapping up to be a very good month so I will put together another run. This run will be of my new design which is smaller and will come fully assembled in a plastic case ready to use when you get it.

The output will be either 12v dc or contact closure selectable for each output by chaning a jumper.

Cost will be $500 (as of this post, but once I start ordering the parts the price may go up or down but it will be close to this number)

I will ONLY be ordering parts for unit that I know I will sell so if you want one email me at:
[email protected]
Once I place the order I will not be able to add to it so speak now!!


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TALLY LIGHTS!!! That would be the answer to our prayers... what would it consisit of? We really need tally lights for our cameras when switching. Put us down!


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Parts have been ordered....

I just wanted to let everyone know, finally my Accounts receivables have caught up a bit so yesterday I ordered 50 PCBs for my new tally system. It takes 10 business days for them to be made so I am expecting them on or around July 15th (2 days for shipping).

Once I get the boards in I have to then solder all the parts on (250 solder points per board X 50 =12,500 points). Once I have the first board done I will send it out to have the case built for it which takes between 2 - 4 weeks. Then I will have 40 for sale (10 are already spoken for)

So that is the status, the 40 will go to the people who have already emailed me based on the order that I received your email. So if you have not emailed my yet you better soon because when the 40 are gone they are gone.


John Huffman

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Tally Light System

I just wanted to let anyone "sitting on the fence" know that we purchased the tally light 'unassembled kit' from Brett about a year ago and it works great!

We put it in a 1 RU chassis with LEDs on the front and it looks great too!

We recommend!



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I glad to hear it worked out so well...

My new design will be smaller and come completely assembled in a case ready to to a show. (I hated selling the kits as you never know if the people buying them have the propper know how to assemble them)

Anyway I am expecting the new PCBs in on July 15th so it will not be long and I expect the 50 to go FAST
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