Tally Light for TCXD300 - Product Announcement


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metaSETZ is now shipping the new TL-XD Tally Light for the TriCaster TC-XD300.

The TL-XDs connect directly to the 1/8" tally jacks on the TC-XD300 and provide an ultra-bright, red LED for the on-camera talent and both a red program and green preview indicator for the camera operator.

The TL-XD is also compatible with our TLC-6 Tally Light controller for the SD TriCasters and VT[4] and VT[5].

This extends the Tally Light Line to now include:
TL-1 Tally Light for the TC Studio and Broadcast
TL-XD For the TC-XD300
TLC-6 Controller for all SD TriCasters & VT[4] or VT[5] (Uses either TL-1s or TL-XDs)

We have also released version 1.2 of the TLC-6 software that now properly supports the GPI outputs and the assignable 'Aux' port. TLC-6 owners can download the new software from the metaSETZ web site.

As they say: "Available at fine NewTek resellers everywhere"

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Nice product, Jeff. Will you be making one for the TCXD850? If so, will it suppot a 3 stage tally like the 300?


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The tally ports on the '300 support two tallys (program and preview) the port on the '850 only supports program tally. To do two or three tally (program. preview and effects) will require software running on the '850 and a controller like the TLC-6. But the XD TriCasters are problematic as there's no scripting built in like the SD TriCasters and the VT. It will depend on what functions are available with whatever SDK NewTek releases.
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