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One port is all that is required, NDI will take advantage of both if they are connected. If you are using Dante, you might have a separate network for that, you can use one port for Dante and the other for Skype.


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I have only 1 channel of Skype audio coming through to my Yamaha QL1 Dante's 1-2. When I use Talkshow CH2 Skype, the audio comes through Dante 1-2 as well. Should I be able to get 4 distinct LR channels of audio coming from each channel of Skype through Dante's 1-8

I have the Dante patching into the QL1 as follows:
Dante 1-2 Skype Ch1 LR
Dante 3-4 Skype Ch2 LR
Dante 5-6 Skype Ch3 LR
Dante 7-8 Skype Ch4 LR

I do have mix minus working with Dante 1-4 into the Talkshow. This is the routing from the QL1 into the Talkshow
Dante 1: QL1 Mix 1
Dante 2: QL1 Mix 2
Dante 3: QL1 Mix 3
Dante 4: QL1 Mix 4


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Do you have control over where you situate each of the feeds on your interface, or do they have to be displayed in a grid?
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