TalkShow VS4000


I am trying to get our recently purchased 4000 setup. I can not find where I can use our 460 video to connect into the TalkShow. Not much info in the manual. I am told that our cameras will not connect to the system due to not having an SDI cable on Composite. Will need a converter to it.

Can someone advise how to bring our 460 video into the TS to work for calls.




'the write stuff'
If at all possible, I personally wouldn't bother with any other connection mechanism between a VS4000 and a TriCaster other than NDI. One network connection can basically handle all VS4000 I/O, including tally.

Really, the only tricky bit is setting up Mix-Minuses. Current TriCaster manuals have a section 3 or 4 pages long that specifically addresses this entitled "MIX MINUS FOR EXTERNAL TALKSHOW™ DEVICES". Apart from this, video i/o connections (SDI or NDI) to and from the Talkshow and their configuration are covered in the VS4000 manual in Chapter 3, which is twenty pages long.
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