Talkshow a computer?

I have a talkshow v100 which I no longer use (I am in New Zealand)
I was just wondering if talkshow is an actual computer? IE is it running windows? (Its all packed up so I have not checked and its 6 months since it was used)

I am thinking that if it is windows based computer then I could install some apps on it and get some actual use out of it.

Any advice great-fully received



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VS100's were originally Windows 8.1. I suspect current new units are probably Windows 10.
Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

I was thinking that rather than sell the unit for next to nothing I will try and use it as a stand-alone computer. The only problem is the horrific noise from the fan and continually makes. I'll need to get some very long tables LOL. I am going to try and install Wirecast on it and then Livestream from that.
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