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Well, here's another thing not working since I loaded 3890.

When I play a DVD in Power DVD (my player of choice) the picture is fine but the sound skips all over the place. My MB sound is disabled and I am running only T2 audio. It was ok before 3890.

A couple of questions:

1. Any ideas on what's happening?

2. How would I disable T2 audio and Restablish MB audio for playing DVD's maybe that will cure the problem.

I sure could use some help,


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Hmmh... Don't know what to tell you...

I run PowerDVD and 3890 without problems...

Oh, one thing that did cause problems before, be sure that your DVD drive is operating in DMA mode. This would cause the type of audio issues you mention if it was running in PIO mode.


Thanks Eugene,

It is in DMA mode. Just can't figure it out. Great picture, terrible audio. I'll have to poke around...and also see if anyone else has suggestions. Are you running with your MB audio disabled?


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I tried running Microsoft Flight Simulator on my T2 box (yeah, I know it's a no-no, but I wanted to try it on the baddest box on the house ;)), and the audio out of FS was similar. I suspect that the Toaster isn't great for some general-purpose audio, but to be fair it wasn't designed to be.

I've been thinking about re-enabling the motherboard's audio and trying to run FS through that, but I think audio output is a global setting (use one card or another - you can't pick and choose between applications) so you'd have to switch it (and reboot?) before using it, and switch it back when you're done. Kind of a pain.

And again, best advice is to keep the T2 system clean, or eventually you'll be reinstalling when something crunks it up.

Good luck! -MG


This beats all:

I went to the PowerDVD website and downloaded the latest patch for Power DVD XP4.0....ran it and:


Not only does my Power DVD Work perfectly, the problem I have been having with Adobe Premiere not running went away as well. Obviously something glitched a file somewhere that....yadda, yadda, yadda

By the way...went into T2 and checked...everything is A-ok.

This has been a good day

Scott Bates

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Ray, you just qualified as My Favorite Angel! This is the first time in months I've been able to capture DV in Premiere (v6.02)! I've also had some problems with audio playback in PowerDVD, but they've been sporatic and no pattern I could pin down. Sometimes it sounded fine, others it sounded like a bad cell phone connection.

You just made my day, thanks!!!


Now that' intresting. Updating Power DVD is solving problems with Premiere. Huh, I don't have any probs with Premiere but maybe I should go ahead and update Power DVD! :)

Scott Bates

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Yup it is interesting Faraz. See the Premiere thread in this discussion. It doesn't make any apparent sense, but it's the only thing that's returned my ability to capture DV in Premiere in months. Until installing the PowerDVD patch today Premiere has not recognized my DV deck or camera and switching firewire cards hasn't made any difference. Capture hasn't been a problem with other DV apps, just Premiere.
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