T[2] memory usage increased??


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The Toaster always used to use VERY minimal RAM even when doing large complex projects. Now, I notice that it is almost maxing the RAM out. It is using between 750-950 MB just to sit there with a half hour project loaded. (I have 1GB installed.) I even got endless low memory warnings when trying to render the project to a DV avi! :confused:
I'm not positive if this just started since loading build 3890 or just prior?
It used to be just AURA that would use so much RAM, not T[2]. Even AURA quit giving me low memory warnings once I upgraded to 1GB from 512MB.


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On a "Not very scientific test", last night on my home system, single 2.0 - 1 GIG, Toaster seemed to take a longer time loading a 10 minute timeline in TEd and while doing some effects in switcher. In fact it finally locked while testing the special effects like timestretch.

Again, not confirmed, but it seemed to bog down just a little more.

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I've had memory warnings as well on out dual AMD system with 1 GB RAM. Had T[2] and Word open. Doing a complicated 12-minute project, and had 5 memory warnings within 2 minutes..

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And I just checked. I had disabled the warnings about low memory in Preferences! And I still got the warnings. A little bug perhaps?


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Want a memory hog? Try the CG!

Well, if you launch the CG even once, then you will find T[2] taking up a huge chunk of RAM that it won't give up till you exit T[2]. In fact, running CG just about guaranties that I will get a low memory warning when working in TEd.

I strongly suggest that you do any CG work on its own and exit Toaster and restart before doing anything important. It's what I do.


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Is this a new problem with latest build?

But this is happening just in TEd now, for me (I'm not using CG at the moment). I NEVER got these warnings before. Right now I am simply trying render a half hour project as a DV avi and the task manager says that 1.2 GB of RAM is being used (I only have 1GB) which means it is using the page file just to do a simple render! And, the rendering has completely ground to a halt. It has been on the same frame for the last hour the the CPU cycles bouncing up and down between 90-100% and the RAM usage ocillating up and down a few MB. I am going to have to abort the render!?
Are you guys finding this to be a problem just with the newest build? I really need to get this rendered!
For what it's worth, I had this happen to me after installing an upgrade. It was a few builds back, but the same thing was happening. I resolved the problem by doing an uninstall, deleting any left over Toaster folders on the C drive, then doing a reinstall. Not saying this will fix your problem, but it made mine go away back then.


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OK, I discovered that one of the problems is that this half hour program is mostly high res JPEGs and T[2] loads these into memory while doing the BG render in preparation for playback. By turning off BG rendering, I kept the Toaster from accumulating so much stuff in memory. I was then able to render the project without low memory warnings.
A useful work-around.
BYW, I did uninstall all builds and then reinstall from CD and apply just the most recent build, and the memory usage is still about the same.
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