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Enable / Disable Symmetry Mode

Hi All

I need to be able to check if symmetry mode is on and then turn it off or on accordingly.
Could someone help me find the variables or functions for this please? I just can't seem to find them in the reference or user guide.

EDIT: Ok I have managed to detect for symmetry mode now. But I still can't work out how to enable or disable symmetry mode. I have tried setting LWM_MODE_SYMMETRY to 0 or 1, but it just deletes all geometry.
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I know there is a work around to detect symmetry in lScript, because the TA tools use it, but toggling it on and off?

Hmm, perhaps using cmdseq() to call the actual command? I realize, Sensei, that your probably using C/C++, but surely the SDK has a similar command...

Hmm,just tried it. I may need to find the correct cmd seq name, but I think this is one thing that can't be directly controlled via scripting/plugin.

Sensei : If you are going to send keypresses to toggle symmetry, I'd read the key map or .cfg file first, to get the right key combination for that user, then send that, instead of assuming it's shift-Y. You never know if someone has changed it or not...
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