SX-SDI Get no Inputs ?


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I just connected the SX-SDI and get no Input to VT.

(power LED is on, daughter board insalled, floppy power connected, SX-driver installed )
The red Input LED on SX-SDI goes on, sometime I see a one frame flash of Input or stored frame from component if I change on switcher to SDI, but after it is still black.
On componet Input I get the signal over SX-84.

Problem solved!

By default it installed the SX-SDI-driver in a VT4 folder.
I removed it and installed new in VT5 folder and it gives me a SDI-Input.
SX-SDI-Input now work, but proc amp dont work ?

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1.) I get an SDI Input, but if I select the proc amp for this input,
I can turn the knobs but no change in signal.
(The proc amp for component Inputs on SX-84 works)

2.) If I plug the SDI signal to another input of the SX and select it
on the switcher, I get no picture. (The LEDs on SX follows the switcher)
If I plug back to the input I used befor I get a picture.

Roland from Munich
Roland: The SX-SDI is a bit delicate when it comes to attaching and disconnecting sources. If, for some reason, you need to attach sources while the system is working, first switch the switcher to the input you are attaching a source to, and then plug in the cable. It should work at the first try, but if not, try a couple of times. Best practice is to attach all sources before starting VT[5], or at least using any SDI inputs.
Please, help me. I´m having the same problem related at the first post of this tread, but unlike our friend Roland2 just changing the install folder didn´t solve my problem and I think this is because Windows 7.
I´m right?
I try to install the driver in many different folders but so far I have a SX SDI and can´t use.

Yes I have it still in use under xp, but I had in mean time the same problems.
I got it back to work with a new power supply (it was a tip from nt-europe, it gives power to the RED LED, BUT NOT ENOUGH FOR THE SX-SDI)

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