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I have a client who is requesting a .swf file. I have tried to pass along information regarding .flv files as being what they really want. Seems like .flv is the video file alternative for Flash and .swf is the document/image alternative.
Am I wrong? If I have the wrong information, does anyone have a conversion program that will make a .swf file from a high-quality mp4?


I use Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate. It will take an Mp4 file (or just about any file) and convert it to .flv (three forms) or .swf.


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Not knowing why your client wants a .swf file means I can't really speculate on what their intentions are for the .swf file, but what I can do is give you a very brief explanation on the differences of .swf vs .flv.

A .swf file is essentially a multimedia filetype. People use this type of file with Adobe (formerly MacroMedia) Flash to create interactive experiences (POS, information points, games, web ads, presentations, etc). The cool thing about it is that you could program anything using ActionScript and delivery it either on physical media, the web or just a local file and it would run (with the appropriate Flash Player plug-in). Just gather your media, structure the interaction, make sure it worked and then create the .swf file for delivery.

An .flv file is just an encoded video file with the .flv wrapper instead of .avi, .qt, mpg, .mp4 etc. To playback an .flv file it needs to be embedded inside a .swf file which acts as the player for the .flv file. The resulting .swf file would then need the Flash Player plug-in to read it and the embedded .flv video since the Flash Player can't actually playback .flv files natively.

Yes, I know it's a bit confusing but there it is. .flv's need to be embedded in a .swf file which acts as a player to the .flv file. Then the Flash Player acts as a player to the .swf player. Crazy huh?

I can't really recommend a conversion program but hopefully I've helped make things a bit clearer.



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Not to mention, you might point out to your client that Flash is essentially a dead format (swf, flv). It is on the verge of being deprecated as a delivery format due to security issues. Firefox has turned their back on it. Surprisingly IE still supports it up to a point, but the clock is ticking.

There is not much life left in swf or flv, at this point. This was supposed to be replaced by HTML5.
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