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:) Hi

Just wanted to show u my SWAT character that I am making for a movie trialer I am making for my media studys coursework.

The body is a bit rough but i am in a rush not got that long to complete it. I pleased with the texturin of the face.

Any comments welcome, some pointers would be help full.



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***** King
Hes I going into a trailer i am making for my media studys coursework, he is going to be a leader of a small SWAT team, that is sent into discover what has happen at a secret Science lab. a big monster has escaped(show below not textured). and most of them die


Its realy funny most the people in my class are just make a trailer with a home video camera and some dodgy acting. I will be posting moreon how my trailer is going soon.



There are some pics on my webby that i will be using
Click Here


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The texturing around the eyes looks awesome! The only crit I have is that the geometry of the eyelids looks a little too wide - he looks a little terrified right now. Maybe drop the upper lid just a titch. Other than that, keep posting, 'cause it's looking good so far.


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well, i saw many characters and many good characters. i would add much more specularity to the eyes. the eyes look so dry that it hurts. add some spec and some transparancy to the corona. lets it look more real. well, HDRI illumination is not always a benefit...

let us see the further results...
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