SW3D exporter is broken!!!


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I posted this thread on the old message board thinking that the good people at Newtek might read it and respond to it. After a year of waiting we still have a broken exporter. I understand that it might not be the number one concern for most lightwave users but there are several of us out there that could greatly benefit from a functional exporter and I'm sure there are many more who would take it seriously if it only worked like it should.

I've come up with a short list of things that if fixed or added would bring the exporter up to snuff.

This is the single greatest problem I have come across. It has prevented me from completing countless projects, and forced me to use other 3d apps like MAX which is very painful. As far as I can tell the rotation values in director and lightwave must be different because my animations don't even come close to matching up. If nothing else gets corrected please, at least look into this problem.

2. Scale issues
Lightwave exports are exactly 100 times larger than what they should be. You have to work in centimeters as opposed to meters to correct this but that's just too small sometimes.

3. No user data
For game development it is critical for the artist to be able to tag models w/ custom game engine specific data. We need the ability to input text info for each model in LW. We use this in MAX all the time and it helps a boat load.

As I write this I am having to abandon yet another project because of the weird issues with bones. I have a character I've been working on that animates beautifully in LW but turns into slop when I export it. If anyone from Newtek does happen to read this; I would be more than happy to provide detailed debug reports on these problems if it could help improve the exporter for all of us.

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Use Blender3D and not shockwave.
The plugin is smaller
the game engine is easy to use
Its open source
its more stable than director
and given director MX's lack of improvements for 3D it has a more dedicated team of developers
(export for LW to vrml and then into blender).


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does Blender export a w3d file?

Not sure about the solution you are suggestiing. If the shockwave exporter is broken how does using Blender help? (Assuming the goal is to get a w3d file)
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The point is not to use shockwave at all
the final file size is too large
tweaking files in director is difficult and time consuming
and macromedia care for this product only slightly more than newtek maya or max ( when was the last update to the newtek exporter)

just don’t use .w3d

blender is simply a better option but you are welcome to look at cult3d or wialdtangent.
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