Surface 4 Stripes disconnection


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Since the last update , I've a lost connection between VMC and Surface.
The serial module is reachable and at the start of session , everything goes well .
There is an update , or a setting to avoid that disconnection.
how can I put also the table in a VLAN, by now , I use the 2 connections 10 Gbe ( 1 normal lan , 2nd on VLAN dedicated for I/O Connect.
no reconnection appears when disconnect.
Which mapping must I use also for this surface ? Gemini or Geminijr ?

The web server serial on USR module connect , but no info when buttons are pushed.

thanks .


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The 4S-CS is the 'Gemini' surface if you are looking to remap it. As for the connection issues, I would contact customer support.


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I probably found problem, something wrong with dvs and card,I've relocate dvs on another card and seems to be stable now. But if you have a way to define vlan in the USR, can be fine
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