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If you have a need (like dual monitors) for Start Menus on the right side of your screen(s), do the following:

1. Copy the entire folder SuperStartMenu2 to SuperStartMenu3. On my system that folder is located here:


So now in this folder you will have three folders:


2. Edit one line (~ line 18) in the Initialization.ToasterScript found in the new SuperStartMenu3 folder:




SetWindowPosition(GetScreenWidth()-203, 29)

This works for my dual monitor setup of 2560 x 1024, but should work for other setups as well. Backup up any files in the Default directory before you start just in case you need to have a fall back position, but you are only coping and editing the copy so no real harm can be done.

Also, I have updated the vertical menu to include Mirage and sent it to Doc at for inclusion in his Mirage menu item downloads, look for it there soon.
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for example:


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nice change!

let me see...

if i change

MirageLink() = WinExec("C:\\Program Files\\Bauhaus Software\\Mirage Pre-Release\\Mirage.exe")


AfterEffectLink() = WinExec("C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\After Effects 5.5\\AfterFX.exe")

The link will work opening AE?



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that's the ticket, only your menu won't say After Effects. A little Photoshoping on the PNG's and you're in business. The vertical menus are still not available for download. Doc said he would add them soon. I have them but no server to post them. Maybe could Zip em and email if anyone requests them. I have PSD that has editable Text for the 'Mirage' entry that could easily be changed to AE, DFX or whatever... suppose I could create edit-able horizontal ones as well


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I have noticed lately that is often not available. The link I just used is by using Google Cache feature. I did notice the download still works however. Maybe I will paste the text from the page as the Google page may disappear as well... If the download stops working, I could upload it to Romain's server...

welcome to the temporary website

I am in the process of changing the site a bit, so please bear with the circa 1994 style web page =)

Downloads Link
VideoToaster [3] Start Menu Skin - adds Mirage to Menu
Download here!


Add mirage to your VT[3] Start Menu!!!
Original Scripts/graphics by NewTek.
modifications by: [email protected]


this is a simple mod that allows you to launch Mirage from the start menu of your VT[3].



Unzip this folder and replace your current StartMenu folder.

!!NOTE!! This was written based on your Mirage installation being located on the C: drive and installed using the default path, if that is not the case, you will have to edit the file:

C:\VT3\Skins\Desktop\StartMenu\Common Support\MenuLinks.ToasterScript

Change the line:

MirageLink() = WinExec("C:\\Program Files\\Bauhaus Software\\Mirage Pre-Release\\Mirage.exe")

Change this line To reflect the proper path.


By Installing this mod, you accept the following terms::

This software is provided as is, and you the user accepts all responsibility for installing this. I.E. If it doesnt work, and it causes you any problems, i am not liable for anything!. =)

VT[3] is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.(


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Not being Toasterscript fluent...

will this work in VT[2]? Or are there changes to make?



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It would be different but very similar. I don't have a way to test it here but using the steps as a guide and looking at the existing scripts and folders on your system you should be able to do it. But I could be totally wrong... back up any folder before you make changes just in case...
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