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EDIT: Matt Gorners tutorial is actually at

Continuing on with my previous thought, er, post hijack:

Getting batch files to stay put while you read error messages...

I solved the other wee issue which was my remote node writing a file that never showed up called "tst_003.lwi.". I guess I didn't copy the proper file structure over to the remote machine. I was following Matt Gorners method which, although TOTALLY AWESOME :bowdown:, was written using a very old version of Lightwave3D. I had only copied the "bin" directory over to the remote node so I tried copying the rest of the stuff over (which probably would have fixed the error I had in my linked post above) and this time it wrote my test png file properly. For some reason it says it was writing "tst_003.png." but on my host system the files showed up without that extra dot. No matter. I am quite a happy camper at this point.

For reference, Matt Gorners ScreamerNet tutorial can be found in the tutorial sticky at the top of this forum. I chose to use the "UNC" method over the "drive-mapped" method. SOOOO much easier.

Looking forward to trying this at home soon. I'm with my girfriend this week. She was taking a nap so I was using her PC as my testbed. I'm an IT guy in my own house, and hers as well. :)

PS> I used the Windows Homegroup method to share the folders between computers. Had a few permission issues here and there but squashed'em pretty fast. :dance:
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Thanks for the tutorial btw. Without it I don't think I would have spent more than half an hour on screamernet.
But still this render controller sucks(not your fault). Bnr simplifies a lot of the setup by a simple wizard. Reason why I bought it years ago but now its problematic for lightwave 11.6.3

This command tells ‘LWSN.exe’ where the content directory is on the network, the ‘-d’ is the ‘switch’ that says the following text is the
path to the content directory.

How can I use unique self contained content directory for screamernet? Do I have to change this entry in the batch file on all nodes everytime I render a project on its own content directory? For example I have a test scene for screamernet so I wrote -dR:\Project\Screamernettest on the batch files otherwise screamernet would render out blank images.
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