Studio monitor app won’t activate

Hi all
got a problem with studio monitor we are clicking on the app but it won’t activate. All The other apps are fine using Windows 10 on a Dell xps Computer that we have been running NDi 5 on for some time without any issues. If we delete/uninstall Ndi 5 and reinstall it works fine for the first click access then that it we can’t access studio Monitor after that.

anybody else had this problem and if so how did you solve it ?




'the write stuff'
I've not seen anything like this, but have a few questions:
  1. Did you have NDI 5 installed on this unit for some time without an issue, and then for (no apparent reason) Studio Monitor began failing to run? Or has it been failing like this from the first time you installed it?

  2. You mention Studio Monitor will run once after re-installing, but fail thereafter. Once it has failed, does it really require a reinstall to get that initial successful launch, or does it launch once after rebooting without re-installing?

  3. Are you trying to launch Studio Monitor from the NDI Launch panel, or the Windows Start menu, double-clicking an icon, or some other method?

  4. Finally, exactly what happens when it fails? Do you seen anything at all?
Hi Steve
sorry for the late reply.
I had to completely uninstall all versions of NDI 4 & 5
and so far it’s been working perfectly..

Thank you
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