Streaming to Facebook Page


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Good afternoon,

I'm trying to stream to a Facebook page on which I'm an editor but the API doesn't seem to work properly.

I Sign in from the MDS software, select which pages I want the NewTek MDS-1 to manage from the web browser, but when I return to the MDS-1 software, the "Post Live to" drop-down only have my name in it, rather than the Page I've chosen to manage. When I then try to start streaming it errors out (the streaming clock/button turns blue and may reach 13 frames then returns to black).

Before I was made manager of any pages, I successfully streamed to my personal account without issue.

I can see under Business Integrations that the NewTek App has added to Facebook and is set to Manage Pages.

With out headline events next week (Graduations) I'd like to try to resolve this for streaming to our pages then. Any help gratefully received.

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