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I use my video toaster for hobby stuff, and even at that they're mostly family videos and stupid skits (I realize using the VT is overkill for this). I'd like to do much larger sequences (not to mention serious) in my productions.

One thing that has deterred me is having to do large storyboards for preparation. I've found some software online, but I was wondering if there are steps in Aura that I could use to composite simple graphics into rough scenes, and add text.

I've found that in order to attract others to participate they need to visualize what I want to produce and generally stick figures for a storyboard doesn't help uninclined people to see the end product.

Since I haven't used Aura to any great degree, is this possible? does anybody do this? I realize that Aura (or at least what I know of it) was more for production graphics. I guess I'd like to avoid having to purchase more software if I already have decent capability in the VT package.

Or am I just wasting time? and should purchase the dedicated software.

What do other producers use? (think I might need to post this in the VT community also)

Thanks in advance.
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