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I just rendered a Lightwave sequence with the stereoscopic camera checkbox turned on. The avi that was produced alternates frames between Left and Right views. Is there a way in SpeedEDIT to tell it to use only the even frames or only the odd frames? If it can do this then I can easily reformat the video in a form that can be uploaded to YouTube. Otherwise I am going to have to do something more complicated.
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I would try speeding it up to 200% (which will only show the first frame of each 2), then converting it to a subproject, and slow the subproject down to 50% (Which will cause it to hold every frame for 2 frames)

I've never tried it, but it's a thought.

Might even work.

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Who made the avi ?
LW produces 2 sequences of image files with L or R appended.
It requires some sort of software application to combine the into a single movie file, and most easily this is done by combining the 2 images into a single double sized image - either side by side or one above the other - leaving the playback software/hardware to present them appropriately (although it is often necessary to 'tell' the system what format the files have been combined in!)
Thus whoever originated the stereo movie (which has probably had the images downsized) may well have the original sequences.
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