Stepping into more complicated Animation

I liked the last saucer one the best, on the woman exiting the store, film it again but make that woman a friend who is in on the scene so she/he exits the store looks up, cowers slightly then legs it for the car also the flashing lights around the saucer rim should be bouncing off of stuff on the ground I would get a couple of those spinny lights like on emergency trucks and switch them on but put them under a bucket till the right timed moment for the saucer being above then remove the bucket for a couple of seconds so the light bounces off the vehicles and stuff. It would probably need a little more management than lift and drop bucket at appropriate moments but you never know it might work out very well for the overall scene. nicely done either way :)

If you can not get one of those spinny lights then a couple of flashlights tied head to tail with colour filters over the lenses spinning on a cord could do just as well. Though you would have to be careful of placement or the light reflections could give the game away that the light source is ground and not air based.
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